Monday, May 10, 2010

Game 4: Rajon Rondo dominates and the Celtics defeat the Cavs

Rajon Rondo played out of his mind. <--  There's really nothing more that needs to be said, but I will elaborate a little bit more about Game 4 of the Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics series at the TD Garden.

Maybe LeBronsElbow drank too much Arbor Mist...  I have no idea.  I do know that Rondo basically single-handedly ruined my last day in Boston, and that I have worked hard to try to forget his stellar performance.  The Cavs were down, and then it appeared that they decided to try to make a comeback.  Once the Cavs made it a close game and even caught up, it appeared that the Cavs completely unraveled.

The Cleveland Cavaliers and their fans must've felt like they took a shot to their nuts, and Anderson Varejao actually did.  Check out the video from the game.  The sound is terrible, but the image is priceless.  It's no secret I'm not an Anderson Varejao fan...

I went to the game with Ning, Tom (i.e. Ning's boyfriend), and a guy named Jeff (i.e. Tom's friend).  Tom is a season ticketholder and offered me a ticket.  Even though, a Celtics fan ~ Tom's ok in my book.

View from the seats

At the start of the game  I was handed a "Go Celtics" rally towel.  Yeah, I touched it.  I also couldn't resist taking a picture with "Lucky" the Celtics "leprechaun guy".  Yeah, I admit it.  Needless to say, I think I messed up my Cavs karma with those 2 events.  And yes, as a Cavs fan I know I should be ashamed of myself...

Jay-Z and Beyonce weren't at Sunday's game, but it was Mother's Day and LeBron James' mom, Gloria, was sitting pretty across from the Cavs bench.

At one point the Cavs were on top, but they eventually lost the game by 10 points. 

My crush wasn't happy, but since my text messages were being delivered 3 hours late, I "received" his messages late.  Whatever.  It really didn't matter.  There was nothing to celebrate (i.e. unlike after Friday's game) and I had a flight home to catch.  I didn't have time to drown my sorrows with some Arbor Mist, near the harbor. 

Leaving the arena and heading to the airport, I received text message after text message from Celtics fans (i.e. notice I didn't call them my friends, j/k) i just copied and pasted my same reply:  "Every time I saw the ball it was going through Jamison's hands and bouncing off of his jersey, being shot by Varejao, or part of a short lay-up.  Terrible."  Just what every Cavs fan wants ~ Jamison with butter fingers and Varejao shooting...  GIVE ME A BREAK.

Lucky for me there was Game 4 of the Phoenix Suns v San Antonio Spurs series for me to watch on my JetBlue flight!  I was able to watch the 1st 3 quarters and see Steve Nash catch Tim Duncan's elbow.  I watched Nash walk towards the court after his several stitches, and I watched his eye start to swell shut.  Nash's injury wasn't as bad, but it reminded me of Kelly Pavlik in his last fight...  I also noticed that there was a new hashtag for Twitter that was being used (i.e. #1eyedNash) and that it was gaining popularity! 

By the time I had arrived at home, the game was over and the Suns had swept the Spurs!  At least one of the games ended the way I wanted it to...

Thanks, Ning, Tom and Genghis ~ I had a great time!

That's all for now.


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