Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Prokhorov promises NJ Nets fans playoffs next season and a title (within 5 years)

Craziest quote I've heard today:

Mikhail Prokhorov, "...playoffs next season and championship in 1 year minimum and maximum 5 years."

I'm sure he said more, but the monotone threw me and I think I dozed off a little.  I'll have to rewatch the clip after the game, and use the video as a "bed time story".  Quick question: Do they drug test, NBA owners?  If not, perhaps they should.  Just kidding!  Maybe...

Here's another quote, "Tell me lies.  Tell me sweet little lies."  Thank you, Fleetwood Mac.

Great interview, by David Aldridge, of the New Jersey Nets new owner.  I'm sure it was difficult for him to handle all the charisma in the room.  Just kidding.  I actually need to "Google" Prokhorov and see what's out there about him.  Entrepreneurs interest me.  Billionaires interest me.  But I digress...  Needless to say, I'm sure the man can tell some good stories...  Regardless, it's very exciting to see the NBA go "global" in terms of its ownership especially with a dense European population of basketball talent.

Speaking of global basketball ~ the 2010 FIBA World Championship is in Turkey this year.  The dates are August 28 - September 12, 2010.


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