Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Game 5: Celtics v Cavs ~ Quotes from a Massacre

Game 5: Boston Celtics v Cavaliers ~ Quotes from a massacre:

Texts/Facebook Exchanges:

Jack: Maybe it's Antawn.  He has that loser gene.  Money line would've been dope.
Me: What was it?
Jack: +290.
Me: I'm trying to open a window to throw myself out.
Jack:  You'd probably land on a Celtics fan.

Jomo: Future Cavs coach options
Me: Calipari was at the game
Jomo: And Cleveland won't be put on probation

Gary: I was just checking on you.  This is ugly.
Me: You, Nev, and everyone that has my number... Thanks, I'll type - but I'm not talking...
Gary:  I completely understand.

Teri:  Ur head must be exploding
Me:  I have the worst headache... I'd open a window and try to throw myself out, but the Cavs don't care so why should I?!?!
Teri:  Just an ass whipping
Me:  Completely

Nev:  How are you feeling?
Me:  Numb.  I feel nothing.  The Cavs are pulling a "Ken Griffey Jr.".  They never woke up.

Friend: LeBron is LeInvisible.
Me: My friend calls him LeBrick.

Cornel:  So impressed with the Celtics!!!
Me:  You should be ashamed of yourself.  You're a Lakers fan!  :-P

Scott:  If they F this game up, kiss the season adios!!
Me:  If they f this up I'm adopting the Suns... Currently, I'm resisting the urge to check out the nba store to purchase my suns hat right now...
Scott: C'Mon girl, the wagon is fillin up!
Me:  Shotgun!!!


LeBronsElbow Sorry for the delay. I was checking with LeBron's balls to see if they are still attached. They are, but oddly they were singing showtunes.

THEWIRK after the #cavs and #celtics debacle, how is justin bieber still a trending topic worldwide?!?! what is wrong with people? i don't get it.

blazersedge LeGon Fishing.

FisolaNYDN In the final minutes Quicken Loans Arena was nearly empty. Will look this way if and when LeBron leaves. Looks like he's checked out already

TurnerSportsEJ remember that note about the possiblility of the first OT game of the playoffs tonight? Never mind.

sportsguy33 Breaking news: ESPN's Ric Bucher reports that Cleveland has fired head coach Mike Brown.
****  I had to reply:  Dont tease me.  It's mean @ sportsguy33 Breaking news: ESPN's Ric Bucher reports that Cleveland has fired head coach Mike Brown.

At least I could watch comfortably in my hotel room.  I feel bad for the fans who saw it all in person.  Wow.  The Cavs really have to "bring it" on Thursday in Boston...  Enough said.



  1. Oh my is there so much for me to write about. Not really b/c I'm not going to try to jinx my Boston win. And I'm a Lakers fan. You see NBA fans - real NBA fans, of the game - have developed a dislike of Lebrick James due to his dancing, wearing LBJ MVP shirts after losing Eastern conf last year, not shaking hands after losses, continued dancing, whatever you get it. I've even earned more respect for Joakim Noah for playing hard and telling Lebron to shut up and quit his whining and dancing this year. Good for you annoying Joakim. Go Lakers.

  2. OK - first of all, it's not your Boston win because you'd root for a YMCA team to beat Lebron and the Cavs. Disagree about the "real NBA fans" comment not liking all the dancing. Yes, it's not a dance party - but if you're winning maybe you don't need all the intensity. I'm not going to defend the other items, but praising Noah?!?! Jack, you may have just crossed the line... :-P

  3. .....those same NBA fans have a similar disdain for Kobe. For a MYRIAD of reasons. Just sayin.

  4. Agree... I'm an OLD school Lakers fan and I can't stand Kobe. I can't sincerely root for the Lakers unless they play a squad like Utah (e.g. Boozer, Malone, Ostertag = Blah) because Kobe's on the team...

  5. Hilarious...good way to reduce the sting of a horrible game. Say Goodbye LeGon James...LOL

  6. At this point, all a Cavs fan can do is laugh it off and move on... I used to joke that Mike Brown, playing Ilgauskas, was his version of waving a white "surrender" flag. Imagine the horror, when I saw Zydrunas checking in during the 1st quarter. Actually I just checked the box score (i.e. that's right, I'm a glutton for punishment) and Zydrunas' stat line was impressive considering he played 1/3 the time LBJ did (i.e. Lebron had one more FG and a bunch more FT's, but the big fella had 4 blocked shots). BFD, LBJ. Oh, and don't even get me started on Antawn Jamison... His stat line might as well have read DNP.