Wednesday, May 5, 2010

LeBronsElbow ~ Follow it on Twitter

If you're not following LeBronsElbow on Twitter, you should ask yourself why.  This Twitter account is gaining popularity and is very funny to read.  It's the "Chuck Norris" of elbows.  Ok, technically it's the Lebron of elbows ~ but you get my drift.

I was just woken up by a text from a friend.  She let me know that Rachel Nichols was talking about the Twitter account on Sportscenter.  Well, Rachel, you definitely have a much larger audience, but I just might have beaten you to the punch, since I promoted the Twitter account to all 700+ of my friends on 4/30.

Here is the URL:

The most famous elbow's profile cautions its followers:  "I do NOT have a Facebook page.  Any Elbow pages are run by wanna-bows."


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