Monday, October 18, 2010

Giants defeat the Phillies ~ NLCS Game 1, Cody Ross was the hero

In every game there must be a winner and a loser.  I was more than excited to score a front row ticket to the pitching duel between San Francisco Giants, Tim Lincecum, and Philadelphia Phillies, Roy Halladay.  That's right...  NLCS, Game 1...  A Saturday night...  You read it correctly, FRONT ROW!!!  My seat was right behind the Giants dugout, and I couldn't wait to watch The Freak battle Doc Halladay.

From my seat, I was in a great spot to cheer on the San Francisco Giants, but I was disguised in my Philadelphia Phillies hat.  Don't get me wrong, I really don't have a preference in the National League between the Phillies and the Giants.  However, I made it out to AT&T Park this year and really enjoyed that ballpark.  I'm not really a Phillies fan, but I like Charlie Manuel.  I remember him from his days in Cleveland when he was managing the Indians.  I met him briefly years ago and he seems like a good-hearted man with a comedic touch.  I recently saw a clip of his post-game press conference when he was reacting to Halladay's no-hitter.  He made reference to it being a "good managing"...  It made me laugh.

In a game that I anticipated to have more defense than offense, I was quite surprised by the drama in the game.  Cody Ross is a name I didn't even know, but the man had 2 home runs!  That's right, 2 home runs and both were the the left.  Have you seen this guy?  I'm definitely paying attention now.  He was the star of the game.

This game was another good one, and I'm definitely glad that I went to it.  The ALCS game 1 had a 8th inning, Yankee rally that made things interesting.  I eagerly anticipated the NLCS game 1 match-up since it promised pitching drama.  I have to admit though, that I'm a Pablo Sandoval fan, and was bummed that the Panda didn't play.  I've never met the man, but I find him to be likable.  I had a great seat and was looking forward to seeing him do something exciting.

If you want a game re-cap or a boxs core, check ESPN.  I really don't have anything more to say about the game.  Oh, here's a funny one for you.  During the game, a lady came down to my section and started calling for Freddy Sanchez.  She wanted the media and Phillies facility staff to let him know she loved him.  Awesome.  She tried to get to the dugout, but didn't get too close.  Sanchez should thank us...


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  1. wish i could hit more games, but my travel schedule won't allow it... good luck moving the tickets, i'm sure you won't have any trouble since there are so many phillies phanatics out there! :-P