Thursday, October 14, 2010

FavresElbow ~ Hope it's as funny as LeBronsElbow

I was commenting on another forum that features some of my posts, and I had a flashback to last years NBA playoffs.  I was replying to a comment about Favre's latest personal turmoil (i.e. think voicemail and text messages) that has been brought into court of public opinion and have also seen headlines that Brett Favre is considering sitting out if his elbow worsens. 

Personally, I hope all will be OK, with this elbow.  I enjoy watching him play and have grown tired of watching teams (i.e. that are "supposed" to win) lose.  It's only Week 6 and already I'm frustrated, and I'm a Colts' fan.

As for Favre's elbow, all I couldn't help but think back to Lebron and his elbow woes.  My internal voice is trying to be heard, as it screams "Here we go again".

Not sure if anyone's created a profile on Facebook, Twitter, or coined the term yet, but if anyone's getting a wild hair, I only ask for two things:
  1. Of all the body parts on Favre that are receiving attention and could possibly be "talking" ~ please choose his elbow...
  2. Please let FavresElbow be as funny as LeBronsElbow... 
Question:  Who'd win arm wrestling ~ FavresElbow or LeBronsElbow?

THE WIRK (and TheWirksElbow)

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