Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Not "fine" ~ Arenas faked injury, skipped Wizards home preseason opener

I just read the ESPN article that says that Washington Wizards player, Gilbert Arenas, faked a knee injury for the preseason opener at the Verizon Center.  According to Arenas, he did it because Nick Young was frustrated about his playing time.  Ummmm, yeah....   This is not "OK".  3 cheers for Washington Wizards management and ownership for not letting this go unpunished. 

Gilbert you are not a coach.  You do not make playing time decisions.  That decision belongs to Flip Saunders.  Gilbert, you're a player, and I use the term "player" loosely since you do more blogging than playing at times.  In fact, as a Wizards veteran, I'd expect you to be captain ~ but alas, you are not.

Please shut up.  Please stop faking.  Please just PLAY.

Here's your chance to wear Arenas' old "Agent Zero" jersey, more than he did...


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