Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Miami Heat v Boston Celtics ~ Thoughts during 1st Quarter

Opening night for NBA action, and since I'm "trapped" watching the game I figured I'd start a string of bullets to collect my thoughts as I watch and listen to this Miami Heat v Boston Celtics game.  I will admit, right now.  I'm from Ohio.  I used to be a huge LeBron proponent.  I am/was very familiar with the Cleveland Cavs organization and I'm still DISGRUNTLED and ANNOYED with "The Decision".  I understand, LeBron had the right to leave.  I'm one of those people that thinks that THE WAY he did it, was classless. 

Oh, and I must mention that I saw his latest Nike commercial earlier today.  I think it sucks.  And "Yes," LeBron, you ruined your legacy.
  • I want the Boston Celtics to win tonight. 
  • I want the Miami Heat to go 0-82.
  • Poor Craig Sager, having to interview Chris Bosh before the game.   I wonder just how bad, Miami's record has to be, before Bosh will stop getting interviewed.  I'm tired of hearing that Miami's 3 (i.e. Wade, LeBron, and Bosh <--- I think I just threw up in my mouth typing "Bosh") didn't have much court time together.  Sooo sorry, there wasn't much rehearsal time due to injuries...  That's LIFE.  Suck it up. 
  • It's good to see Steve Kerr on TV again.  Hmmm, that reminds me of that I used to date a guy that looked just like him...  ****Not sure what that means or how it's relevant, but this is my blog so I can include whatever I want.
  • LeBron is still doing the chalk into...  Guess that's gonna stay.
  • Shaquille O'Neal as a Celtic...  I hope it works out for him and for Boston fans better than it did during his stint with the Phoenix Suns.  I want to see Boston succeed with Shaq...  However, I must admit I don't expect much out of the big fella.
  • The score is Miami: 8, and Boston: 14.  I am thrilled.
  • Dwyane Wade is 0-4 from the field right no.  Game is a little boring.
  • They just showed Erik Spoelstra.  Ok, I'm back to being interested in this game again.
  • Not only is Wade 0-4, he as 3 turnovers and just sat down on the bench.
End of the 1st Q ~ Heat 9. Boston 16.  Ugh, now they're showing that stupid Nike commercial again.  How long is this commercial?  It feels like it's 7 minutes long...  Yuck.



  1. Hittin' up the blog like you asked! I'm a supporter! Kathy (don't know what I want my profile to be, yet so I'm just 'Anonymous' for now.)

  2. Thanks! Only 81 more games to go... Heat are 0-1! Woohoo!!!!