Thursday, October 14, 2010

The tall guy was an Edmonton Oiler ~ That explains it...

Ask anyone and they'll tell you  that I have a "type"...  I like tall guys.  Yesterday, when I was getting off the elevator I ran into a guy.  I actually almost ran over the guy, since I'm used to having no one in front of me.  Well, as soon as I saw him I said, "Whoa!". 

He smiled.  He was 6'5 and looked good.  Admittedly I was immediately confused, since I knew there was no baseball in town.  I also knew he wasn't a basketball player (i.e. The Wirk knows basketball) so I dismissed it.  Well, today I learned from my driver that a visiting hockey team was in town.  Sure enough when I looked at the team's roster I see the guy!

Oh well.  I'm going to take it as a sign that I need to get my act together and remember that hockey season has started.  Ugh...  At least I didn't say anything stupid, like I did when I ran into the Tampa Bay Lightning in Montreal!

And as for the guy...  I checked the schedule and it looks like he'll be back in town again in February.  Guarantee I forget by later tonight though, since it really doesn't matter and I'm not a fan of the Edmonton Oilers.  Actually now that I think about it, I don't even know where Edmonton is.  ****  Yes, I know it's in Canada.


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