Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Miami Heat v Boston Celtics ~ Thoughts from the 3rd Quarter

Getting ready for the start of the 3rd quarter.  Thankfully I finished eating dinner.  Just heard the "LeBron isn't a bad guy" speech for the 100th time.  Whatever.  To quote Billy Joel, "You can speak your mind, but not on my time." 

****I don't realize why people think they can change my mind.  I've never been one to be swayed by the arguments that have been provided.  I don't understand why people can't just agree to disagree.  You can have your own opinion about LeBron.  I don't try to change your mind.  So ask yourself, why it's so important for you to change mine?

  • Charles Barkley has lost a lot of weight.
  • Ray Allen just drained his third 3 from the corner.  It still electrifies the crowd.
  • With 7:11 left in the 3rd, Zydrunas is checking back in. 
    • He just had a chance at a shot in the key a foot or 2 ahead of the free throw line and passed the ball.  Hmmm... 
  • Shaq just missed his free throw.  A few Celtics went into the lane to slap him 5.  I think Zydrunas almost went into the lane to do the same, but he caught himself.  Weird.
  • Zydrunas is fouled by Big Baby Davis, so he's at the line.  He missed his free throw. 
  • Pierce just got called for a foul, but LeBron charged.  It's a bad call.  No bueno. 
  • LeBron has 16 points, and the Boston lead is only 10.
  • Wait, Ray Allen just drained another 3, so the lead is back to 13.
  • Pierce looks like he might be a little banged up now.  He looks like he's wincing on the bench after LeBron ran into/over him.
  • Whoa!  Who's the guy sitting next to the left of Pierce?  Uh oh.  Pierce is headed to the locker room.
  • Big Baby Davis shoots and scores over Zydrunas ~ so much for 7 feet of defense...
  • In case you didn't know, Ray Allen would like to inform you that the NBA Cares.
  • Is it just me, or is Boston looking like they let up a bit? Miami has cut the lead to 10.  Score is 53-63, but Boston is still up.
  • LeBron just scored another bucket.  He has 25, and the Boston lead is cut to 6. 
Hmmm, looks like in typical NBA fashion ~ the game will be decided in the 4th.


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