Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Miami Heat v Boston Celtics ~ Thoughts from the 4th quarter

We're in the final stretch...  Miami Heat v Boston Celtics, 4th quarter action starts now.  Let's do this...

  • Zydrunas is still in the game.  I think he played the entire 3rd quarter.  I think he just picked up his 4th foul.  He's hitting the bench with 10:53 in the 4th left.
  • Chris Bosh missed.  He's now 3 for 11 from the field.
  • Udonis Haslem hit his shot to cut the Boston lead to 5.  There are just under 9 minutes left on the clock.  ****  Yep, I was right.  It looks like Boston has let up.  Come on, Celtics!!!!
  • Since I've seen it at least twice now, I should probably comment.  I like the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar commercial.  I'm glad they didn't show him wearing his shape ups though.  When I think "sexy, toned legs" I don't think of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.
  • I think the faux-hawk is working for Big Baby Davis.  He just extended the Celtics lead to 6 after some guy on the Heat had cut it to 4.
  • Pierce must be feeling better, since he just drained a 3.  The Boston lead is back to 6 with just over 7 minutes to go.
  • I need to check the roster.  Who is Jones on the Heat?  No, it's not Eddie. 
  • That Jones guy on the Heat just fouled Paul Pierce behind the 3-point arc.  Thank you, Jones!  Pierce is perfect from the line (e.g. 6 for 6) and the Celtics lead by 11, with about 4 and a half minutes left.
  • Kevin Garnett shot and got his own rebound and passed it to Big Baby who drained his shot.  Beautiful!  13 point Boston lead.
  • Just saw the stat line.  LeBron has 26 points and the Heat is losing.
  • LeBron is on fire.  Just drained a 3.  Still losing, but by 8 now.  He just launched another 3 and missed.  Hehehehe :-P
  • They're showing Erik Spoelstra now.  I feel bad for him.  If he can't get those 3 guys to win, I'm guessing he's going to lose his job.  Don't worry, Erik!  I liked you when you were sitting on the other end of the bench, so you will still have a fan in me.
  • Heat on an 8-0 run and the Boston lead is only 5.  Miami has the ball, and LeBron just cut the lead to 3.  LeBron now has 30 points.
  • Under a minute to go, Boston with the ball, Ray Allen just drained a 3!  His mom and I are on our feet!!!!!!  Celtics up by 6 with 49.8 on the clock. 
  • Dwyane Wade just missed his 3 point attempt. 
  • Celtics using the clock, playing smart.  Wade waited a while, and fouled Pierce.  I wonder why he didn't foul right away.
  • Pierce at the line with 27.4 on the clock.  He makes both free throws.  Celtics up by 8.
  • The Boston crowd is loudly chanting O-VER-RATED.  I love it!!!!
Game over.  Celitics win 88-80.  LeBron had 31 points. Bosh and Wade's numbers aren't worth mentioning.  The Miami Heat are 0-1.  Only 81 more games to go!  ****  If I have to watch a Bosh interview after this I might scream.



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