Sunday, December 19, 2010

After the game, it's the CPOA party ~ Jumpsuit off, and dress ON

I told you I had a party on Saturday night.  It's my group of friends' annual party, and it's called CPOA (i.e. Certified Piece of ***). About 200 of my "besties" get all dolled up and take over a place for one night only.

I had the Heat v Wizards game before the festivities, and since the party was downtown, I ended up throwing on my dress at a restaurant near the arena (i.e. after the game).  You didn't think I'd wear a party dress to the basketball game, did you?!?!

I'm very fortunate to have a group of people around me, who are light-hearted and fun.  I don't spend much time at "home" when I'm running around the country for work, the blog, and vacation so when I am "home" I cherish my time with them.  They make me laugh and smile, til my face hurts.

Here are some pics from the party (i.e. Woodburn Photography).  Drinks were flowing, music was playing, and people were dancing.  The holiday spirit was alive and well! 

There was a "photo booth" with props.  I couldn't resist putting on a mask and cheesing it up with my friends.  When I saw the boxing gloves, it was over.  I couldn't resist throwing the boxing gloves on and doing my best Manny Pacquiao impression (i.e. with my good friend, Kanak). 

You can tell she had no idea I was putting on the gloves, since she's still posing for the camera.  She's definitely a good sport!


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