Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Movie: The Fighter ~ Not just a movie about boxing

Tonight I went and saw the movie, The Fighter.  It stars Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale.  Wahlberg plays Micky Ward, and Bale plays the role of his half-brother, Dickie Eklund.  There are a few reasons I wanted to see this movie.  First and foremost, I've actually been to Lowell, Massachusetts.   

Lowell, Massachusetts is the "Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution".  Similar to NYC playing a role in Sex and the City, the city of Lowell and the people are almost another character in the movie.  Before I visited Lowell, my fiancee (i.e. the 2nd one) mentioned that there was an influx of Asian immigrants in the 1970s from Cambodia.  I was pleased to see that the movie stayed true to that.  Seeing the characters and the setting ~ the "costumes" (e.g. clothes and hair), streets, houses, and the Mill took me back in time.

I've only just started paying attention to boxing again, so I wasn't familiar with the careers and stories of Dickie Eklund (i.e. the "Pride of Lowell") or Micky Ward.   Don't worry I'm not about to spoil the movie for you.  Since the movie is based on a true story, you can Google any questions you have about Eklund and Wards' careers. 

I will tell you that I think that Wahlberg and Bales' performances are worth seeing.  You'll find yourself cheering for Ward as he fights on the big screen, and cheering for Eklund as he searches for purpose helping his brother.  Before they were boxers, they were both sons and brothers.  The movie isn't just a story about boxing.  It's also a story about family, personal struggle, and the drive to "win".


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