Monday, March 29, 2010

My cousin's wedding kept me away, but it's Game ON now for hockey and basketball

OK - so it's been a while since I posted, but it's only because I've been completely consumed with family stuff.  My cousin, Nick, got maried in NJ over the weekend, and between the rehearsal dinner, wedding, and travel time ~ I've basically managed to miss EVERYTHING in the world of sports.

Welcome to the family, Ging

Friday, I was invited to San Antonio to go see the Cleveland Cavaliers v San Antonio Spurs game with friends as part of one of my best friend's birthday festivities.  I couldn't make the trip because I wanted to attend a rehearsal dinner in NJ.  I've seen the Spurs play at home back in Jan 2009 (i.e. work had brought me out there for meetings).  I hope my friends had a blast on Friday. Unfortunately, the Cavs lost to the Spurs 102-97.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHUBS!

Silvia and Doug (aka Chubs), San Antonio ~ Jan 2009

 Spurs game w/a fellow sportsfan, while in San Antonio ~ Jan 2009

One of the decorated "outhouses" on display in front of the Spurs' arena ~ Jan 2009

Saturday there were college basketball games, and I think I saw about 2 minutes of the last one ~ but I cannot tell you what I saw because I was so disinterested. 

No sports this Saturday, I'm watching a wedding

On Sunday afternoon when I was driving home from Jersey, I learned that Duke had beaten Baylor (i.e. thanks to a text message from my brother).  Other than that, I have no idea what happened in the world of sports.  I do know, that the  Duke v WVU game is the 2nd game of Saturday's final four match-up, and I want to go to Indianapolis to see it.  I looked at flights and right now, that's my only "hiccup".  I've been to the Final Four and seen Lucas Oil Stadium, so I can't figure out if I'm really interested or just being restless.  It would be fun to see some of my family friends though, and I do like Indy, so...

I ended up meeting some friends Sunday night and a few of the Capitals were out (i.e. Green, Knuble, Perrault, and Backstrom).  Unfortunately, they'd lost to Calgary earlier in the day.  The Caps posed for pictures and may have been out to support a fundraiser to support The Arlington Food Assistance Center.

In a perfect world, this will be my sports schedule for the week:
Tuesday - Ottawa Senators v Washington Caps, in DC or Oklahoma City Thunder v Philadelphia Sixers, in Philly
Wednesday - Milwaukee Bucks v Cleveland Cavs, in Cleveland
Saturday - NCAA Final Four games, in Indianapolis

How much of this schedule will actually be realized is still up in the air.  Then again, anything is possible. Everything will most likely be a last minute decision.  I'm exhausted from last week's adventures and I'm trying to pick and choose my adventures carefully since I'm not sure yet, how much I owe the tax man this year.  ****Mental note, I must call my accountant tomorrow. 

I'm racking my brain for sports topics that are relevant and interesting and I'm drawing a complete blank, so until next time...

I don't want to put up wedding pics, since that's not really the function of this blog, so here's a pic of me with Penny Hardaway (i.e. Anfernee Hardaway, a Memphis alumnus) at the Final Four in 2008.  Part of the fun of being at events like the Final Four is running into NBA players who are out there supporting their alma maters.  With Duke, Michigan State, Butler, and WVU in the running this year ~ there should be a good number of former players in the crowd, so if you're a basketball fan, keep your eyes open.

Penny Hardaway was in San Antonio rooting for his Tigers ~ Feb 2008

****  Updated November 23, 2010:  Someone keeps doing a Google search on "Penny Hardaway girlfriend" and this post and image come up in the search.  For the record ~ No, I am not and was never his girlfriend.  I just ran into the guy in San Antonio.



  1. sweeeet! i got a mention in the blog! woooot! Thanks for the warm welcome Sarah! Hope we see you sooner than later. Love ya!!

  2. back at you, girlie! always a fun time when we all get together. enjoy st. lucia :-P