Thursday, March 4, 2010

Quick bullets: Jay-Z's concert, Basketball (Cavs, Maryland, Kansas), and Hockey (Caps)


Last night, Jay-Z rocked!  Hot show...  Seats were fantastic ~ Row F (less than 6 rows from the stage) on the floor!!!

Trey Songz opened ~ say, "Ahh"


Young Jeezy ~ Rep'd his city, the ATL

  • Cavs won.  They beat the Nets.  That's 5 wins in a row. 
    • Incidentally, I saw that the Cavs are trying to woo Zydrunas by visiting him in NYC.  I think I've neglected to mention that he's sensitive and tends to hold grudges.  I'm not saying that he won't return to Cleveland.  I'm 99.99999% he'll return to Cleveland, because ultimately, I believe he sees the big picture and wants a NBA Championship.  Yes, I'm not 100% ~ so yes, there's always a chance I'm wrong.  I'm just saying, I understand that he didn't appreciate being dealt in the first place.  
    • Further, with Shaq's thumb injury I only have one word for the Cavs GM, and it's "Karma".
  • (23) Maryland beat (4) Duke.  Normally this is a great match-up, and I'd be at the Comcast Center.  This year, I couldn't have cared less.  I've been in College Park when the Terps have upset the Blue Devils.  For those of you in the building, I'm sure you were thrilled.  However, the rest of the college basketball world (i.e. who recognize that the ACC is weak) would have preferred to watch (2) Kansas play (5) Kansas State.  In case you've been living under a rock, I'll tell you that Kansas won by 17. 
    • Tip: ESPN 360 has regional programming.  If you're trying to bypass the regional restrictions, you need to Google the codes or try to connect to someone else's feed (e.g. or http://www/
    • Here's a picture from last year's Duke v Maryland game at the Comcast Center.
Duke v Maryland @ Comcast Center, Feb 2009 ~ Zoubek's jersey is ripped so he had to change it


  • Tonight, the Caps return to the Verizon Center in their first home game since the Olympic break.  Should be a great game as they take on the Tampa Bay Lightning.  I can't wait to get there to take in all the action!

    • Yesterday, the Caps beat the Sabres in Buffalo.  The score was 3-1.  I'm actually a little curious to see what sort of ovation Ryan Miller received from the crowd after his strong Olympic performance.

    • Here's a story for you...  I was working in Montreal last year and shared the hotel elevator with the a few of the Tampa Bay Lightning players (i.e. who were in town to play the Canadiens).  I recognized the Lightning players from the logo on their travel bags, and I was trying to think of a way to make small talk after I heard them briefly talking.  This is the moronic phrase that came out of my mouth, "Oh - Tampa Bay, so that's why your English is so good."

      • Seriously?!?!?  How stupid was that?!?!  So much for small talk.  Sure, they didn't have strong Quebecois French accents, but it's not like the guys are from Tampa Bay...  Wow...  Lucky for me, the elevator ride was short and they were kind enough to just politely smile at me.
I have to keep it moving, so that's all I have (for now).


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