Monday, March 22, 2010

NBC Washington added my video to its USA v Canada gold medal hockey game story

I'm in Minneapolis for work and need to rest up before I head out to the Target Center tonight.  It'll be the 60th venue for professional sports that I'm hitting (i.e. I have a goal of hitting all the venues for basketball, football, and baseball).  Hopefully I don't fall asleep during the game, with all the traveling I've been doing today.

While trying to decompress from my 16 hour airport "crawl" (LAS, ATL, DCA, and MSP), I am in my room watching The Office re-runs and googling my name to see what comes up.  I'm excited to report that NBC Washington added the video clip of me talking hockey, after the USA v Canada gold medal hockey game, to their story.  They actually cut the other 2 guys out! 

For those of you that missed it, attached is the link to the story and video.

The entire video is here in a post (i.e. check the February archives of this blog).

Hope all is well out there.  I'm still trying to get together my post from the time I spent in Vegas.  It'll be up here soon enough :-P


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