Friday, March 19, 2010

Rapid Craps is in Las Vegas, only at Bill's Gamblin' Hall & Saloon

I don't even want to talk about March Madness and brackets.  I can't believe my eyes and hope that when I wake up it's all a bad dream.

On another note ~ for those of us that are fans of Rapid Roullette, check out Rapid Craps...  According to its website, it's only at Bill's Gamblin' Hall & Saloon.  I stumbled upon it today and fell in love.

Check it out for yourself:

Each player has his own terminal and there's a $5 minimum.  For those of us that are anti-100% machine for gambling, you'll be happy to know that a human throws the dice and the dice move around the table normally.

Now, beginners don't have to be scared and call out their bets anymore, players don't have to worry about not being paid out properly, and dealers don't have to worry about people throwing chips at them.  Everyone "wins" (i.e. actually, maybe not everyone ~ the technology might put some dealers out of work).

Ever heard of  Now you can take classes that teach you "dice control".  Um yeah...  I don't know, but just in case you're interested:  Personally, I NEVER touch the dice.  Back in the days, when I'd hit the Bahamas, I determined I just don't have the "touch", so if you're ever playing craps with me and it's my "turn" to shoot ~ let me pass.  Trust me, I'm cute, but can't shoot.


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