Tuesday, March 16, 2010

SpoonEllen Spoon ~ "Living the Dream"

I went to the Big East tourney last Friday and sat next to 4 ladies.  Actually, I should correct that and say "5" ladies, since SpoonEllen was there.  Do any of you know who SpoonEllen is?  Well, you should.  Chances are she's doing things that are much cooler than you, and (to be honest) she probably dresses better than you and Flat Stanley.  SpoonEllen, from what I've observed, likes comedy, loves to travel, is a philanthropist, attends book signings, and appreciates the arts and sports.  She's is definitely no one trick pony. 

I peeped her photo gallery, and I noticed that she'd been to the US Open.  The Wirk has yet to be make it to Flushing Meadows for the tournament...  Not only has SpoonEllen bested me with that event, she has met tennis great, Billie Jean King!  Are you serious?!?!  I'm officially jealous.

SpoonEllen and tennis legend, Billie Jean King

The Wirk met SpoonEllen at the Big East Semifinals

SpoonEllen on 5th Ave and dressed for the holidays

SpoonEllen is "living the dream" and doing it ever so stylishly! 

If you like, what you see ~ check out her website:  http://www.spoonellen.com/ or her facebook page.



  1. I've actually had the pleasure of meeting SpoonEllen numerous times. She's always looked nothing but glamorous -- definitely the snazziest utensil in town. Plus, SpoonEllen is always the life of any party. She may not have much to say all the time, but she's a great listener. What else could you want out of a party guest?

  2. SpoonEllen is fantastic! When I saw her, I had to ask the lady next to me about her. Those outfits are excellent... Would love to take a peek at that wardrobe!

  3. I've also had the pleasure of hanging with "The Spoon" as I affectionately call her in NYC. If I'm not mistaken, I think she may have also met Chris Evert. Now, to get her to Augusta next month for a priceless shot with Tiger!

  4. SpoonEllen at Old Yankees Stadium, New Yankees Stadium, Old Mets Stadium, New Mets Stadium:

  5. I saw the pictures with Tracy Austin, but Billie Jean King is visually more iconic. As for Augusta, if SpoonEllen scores a pic with Tiger, she would definitely be my hero!

  6. I have hung out with SpoonEllen on many occasions, and I must say she is always dressed to impress but not in a DIVA way. She is gracious and kind and makes herself available to all.

  7. The Spoon is not only fashionable but a huge sports fan. She loves to attend live events in an appropriate outfit. I am sure her Spring/Summer schedule will be jam packed! Thanks to Sarah Wirk for the great write up!

  8. You're very welcome. SpoonEllen could not go unnoticed! I'm wondering if she needs a doggie named "Sporkie", but then again taking care of a pet would be a lot of work with her social schedule... She's such a mover and shaker! :-P