Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2010 FIFA World Cup Predictions ~ Brazil to win it all? Agree or Disagree?

With the USA eliminated from competition, I'll admit that I've tuned out of the World Cup.  If walking by a TV, with a match on, I'll stop and check the score ~ but I really have no idea anymore about who I want to win.

I received the following message today from my good friend, Kanak.  I found it funny that she even sent it, since she's not a sporty person.  To be honest, I nearly fell out of my seat when she texted me (i.e. during Game 7 of the Los Angeles Lakers v Boston Celtics series) that Sasha Vujacic needed to shave!  I couldn't believe the girl even had the TV on still, much less was watching and cared enough to read the names on the jerseys.  She said she checks into this blog ~ and now I believe her. 

Further, being that she lived in Brasil/Brazil, she does have interest in soccer/futbol. So here are her 2 cents and predictions for the rest of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. 

Here's what SHE wrote:

" Ok...Soooo I wanted to send my predictions to you.  I know you aren't that into soccer, but I am super EXCITED, and you are the only one that might half way care now that the US is out."

  • Argentina will beat Germany easily, to face Portugal next (i.e. who will beat Spain today and move on to beat either Paraguay or Japan). 
1st half ~ Spain v Portugal (Photo taken by, Wirk Part 2)

    • I couldn't care less about either of those teams and who wins that game (i.e. Paraguay v Japan).
  • Brasil/Brazil (will make it to the semifinal because they are playing the Netherlands for the spot, and if they lose to them I just have to hang my head in shame...lol!.  
  • Brasil/Brazil will probably face Uruguay (i.e. even though Ghana was looking strong, I don't think they can beat Uruguay), as a face-off for the 1950 World Cup Final, but hopefully with inverted scoreboard (2 x 1 Brasil, this time).  
  • Argentina will make it to the semi-finals for sure.
  • I don't care what people say about Germany, I don't think they are going.
  • Final Brasil/Brazil v Argentina, neighbor x neighbor, mortal enemies.
    • And if all goes well Brasil/Brazil will be the NUMBER ONE! Woohoo!"
****  What do you think?  1950 World Cup?  What is "inverted scoreboard"?  Is she right? 

Kanak, for THE WIRK


  1. the one bullet should have read"I don't care what people say about Germany, I don't think they are going"? that was a typo on my part! LOL!

  2. no problem. i just corrected it for you. thanks!

  3. I think that the Germany/Argentina match will be the fixture of the tournement and the winner will be the eventual WC champion. I think Spain will fall to Portugal, and the winner of the Japan/Paraguay game is just a lamb to the slaughter. I think Jen is too quick to dismiss the Netherlands and Uruguay, but I would bet on Brazil to make it through. My money is on a Germany/Brazil final and I am rooting for the Germans

  4. Rich:

    Ich glaube, Sie sind falsch aber ich respektiere Ihre Meinung :-)


  5. rich - i just want to see some scoring! it's tough for an amateur fan like me to grind it out for 90+ minutes and only see only 1 goal. and yes, lol ~ nobody ever said kanak was unbiased!

    kanak - easy there "rosetta stone" english is the primary language of TheWirk.com (i.e. UNTIL we really go global)... :)

  6. GLOBALIZE TheWirk.com!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

    Inverted meaning reversed score so Brasil is the winner :-)

  7. as for globalization, we're getting there! i still have no idea what you're talking about with regard to inverted scoring and reversed score...