Friday, June 11, 2010

Sports are games, but unfortunately (for some misguided people) "love" is too..

Ok, so I like sports.  Now that I think about it my first love might have been basketball and then came boys!  Ahhh ~ BOYS!!!  I went from being a stellar math student to struggling in math class.  Granted, I was struggling with AP Calculus ~ but regardless, I had to dig deep to get myself out of a hole the minute I stopped focusing on Mrs. Dietz's lessons and started taking a closer look at the boys in class.  Now that I think about it, last week my dad called me and asked me about the guys in the pictures from all my travel adventures.  He wanted to know if any of the guys were "special".  Of course they're special (i..e they're my friends from school, work, and/or life) - but that doesn't mean that any of them are going to be my dad's future son-in-law.

Based on memory, I don't actually think I've even gone on a date with any of those guys.  To some, I guess taking a trip is bigger than a date, but for me it's just 2 like-minded people enjoying a game or a city together.  I may not be head over heels in love with my neighbor (i.e. seat/travel buddy) but chances are I've had a crush on the game since before the guy and I ever met.

Which leads me to a story I heard this morning.  Someone I know who is "happily" engaged was inquiring as to his ex-fiancee's relationship with a fellow sportsfan.  From what I understand his current fiancee is away at her bachelorette party.  So, while she's out of town ~ he decided to go "crazy town" last night and hurl accusations at his friend (i.e. who is friends with his ex and also a sportsfan).  You know how they say that cheaters are usually the most insecure; and therefore, the most likely to accuse others of unscrupulous behavior?  Well, I guess that's what happened last night.  Boys will be boys and I'm not getting into specifics, but you can imagine what happened.

These types of things happen all the time in the world of sports.  In tennis, Annette Olsen used to date Mats Wilander, before marrying Stefan Edberg.  In soccer, England captain John Terry got his teammate’s girlfriend pregnant.  One of these examples is considered scandalous, the other is not.  Further, in basketball, I've seen first-hand how former teammates "handle it" when one sees the other make a play for his ex-fiancee. 

****  Now, I must be clear that I don't know the deails of the specific relationship examples I provided~ and frankly, I don't care.  To be honest, not everyone's story is that "interesting".  Sometimes things just happen and sometime there's nothing really going on.  Sometimes people with idle minds just need to create a story.

To summarize:
People could simply be like-minded and enjoy similar activities, and that does not make them a couple.  Further, if in fact they were - should it really matter?  If you're STILL worried about your ex-fiancee, perhaps you shouldn't be engaged to your current fiancee.  Seriously...  Just because some people are looser with their morals, doesn't mean that the rest of the world is skeevy too.  Get over it.  My best advice ~ people who are happily engaged should focus their energy on their impending walk down the aisle. 

Romantic love may come and go, but love of the game generally sustains and unites people.

Since I threw up (i.e. haha) a picture of my diamonds and the World Cup is going on, here's a clip of Paul Simon performing "Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes" in South Africa.  Enjoy!


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