Monday, June 28, 2010

ECP is the new airport for Panama City, Florida ~ PFN is gone

Panama City, Florida has a new airport.  This is not common knowledge, and believe me this bit of information deserves its own post since GPS and other services like Yelp! don't seem to recognize that PFN no longer exists.  From what I understand there's a man who waits at the entrance of the old airport (i.e. that I hear is going to be torn down) and redirects people to the new airport). 

The new airport code for Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport is ECP.  Yes, I typed that correctly - ECP.  Very intuitive, I know.  From what I could ascertain the airport supports both Delta and Southwest Airlines.

If you need or want more information here's the Wikipedia page.

You're welcome.

"Most airports, instead of showing advertisements on the screens, will tell you which carousel you luggage will come in on."  <---  I overheard a man talking, while I was looking/waiting for my bag.


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