Monday, June 14, 2010

The Milwaukee Brewers defeat the Los Angeles Angels, Angels Stadium (i.e. my 71st venue)

While in LA, I was fortunate enough to hit another new venue with Scott, when we watched the Milwaukee Brewers visit the Los Angeles Angels in Anaheim.  Angel Stadium is venue 71 for me and I was excited to see where the 2010 MLB All-Star Game is going to be held this year.

Unfortunately for the Angels, the Brewers were on fire!  Unfortunately for Torii Hunter, Casey McGehee hit a home run off the glove of Hunter in center field.  Think Jerry McGuire, but it wasn't off of Hunter's head.

Ryan Braun hit his third career grand slam and finished with five RBIs for the Brewers.

Lucky for me, I was able to get Scott to stop working long enough to come out with me, since it was a gorgeous day for a baseball game.  Angel Stadium is a very open stadium and with weather so beautiful, I can only imagine how great the fan experience will be for the All-Star festivities in July. 

As for Monday, the Brewers brought their offense and defeated the Angers 12-2.

Enjoy the pictures!

The waterfall reminds me of the ones at mini-golf courses

I like Chuck Finley, even if Tawny Kitaen doesn't

With Scott at the game

View from our seats


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