Sunday, June 20, 2010

White Sox defeat the Nationals 1-0, and Peavy pitched a complete game shut out

It was a Saturday afternoon and the White Sox defeated the Nationals, 1-0.  White Sox pitcher, Jake Peavy, pitched a 3-hit complete-game shutout for the White Sox.  Nationals' Manager, Jim Riggleman was thrown out of the game and a couple got engaged in the section ahead of where we were sitting.  The crowd's reaction to the engagement was mixed (i.e. girls were happy, men were yelling "think it through).  My favorite reaction was Ozzie Guillen motioning to the newly engaged man that his life was over.  Hilarious.

View from section 119

I highly recommend the PNC Diamond Club for those of you looking for seats.  Each ticket comes with a $35 credit for food and drink and there's an air conditioned bar/restaurant area too.  For my money, there's no better place to sit.  Pat and I were lucky to be sitting in the shade, since it was a scorcher with the heat and humidity. 

Washington Nationals' Manager, Jim Riggleman, getting tossed out

White Sox win

With no real horse in the race, it was a fun afternoon at Nationals Park with good weather and great company! I remember Omar Vizquel when he played with the Cleveland Indians, and it's great to see him still in a uniform and playing.  With the win yesterday, the Chicago White Sox had won 5 games in a row.  Needless to say, I've been busy today and have no idea what happened in this afternoon's game.


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