Saturday, June 12, 2010

USA v England ~ Ended in a tie 1-1

I'll admit I don't know much about the FIFA World Cup, but I am an American so let's go USA.  I really should watch more soccer/futbol...  These guys are handsome and very athletic...

I know USA is the underdog is this match, but I'm more than happy to root for my country!  All this World Cup activity and international competition is getting me excited for the Olympics in 2012 in London.

When I was in London last November, I was staying at the Marriott in Kensington.  I came "home" after dinner and ran into Burnley in my hotel lobby bar.  The entire team was there and they were scheduled to play Chelsea the following day.  I was headed out of town, otherwise I definitely would've LOVED to check out that match.  Incidentally, Burnley defeated Chelsea the next day.  Moreover, that just goes to prove that sometimes underdogs win.  Next time I'm in England, I will make sure I see a match.


In the 1st half, England scored early off of a goal by Steven Gerrard.  However, USA got back into the action after Clint Dempsey scored after a mistake from Calamity (i.e. no, try "Catastrophe") Robert Green
The match ended with both squads tied at 1.

On another unrelated note, these guys are HOT!!!!  I need to watch more soccer/futbol.   Wow!!!  Who do you think is the best looking man in soccer/futbol?


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