Monday, June 28, 2010

The Wirk takes time out (i.e. vacation aka the 7th inning stretch)

Vacation <--  One of my favorite words in the English language.

Vacation <--  What Mr. Wright talked me into, and I'm much more relaxed, tanner, and happier as a result of it. 

Call it my 7th inning stretch.  I started this blog in January to chronicle my sports, music, and travel adventures and give my 2 cents on any topic that interested me.  After 6 months of INTENSE travel for work and Wirk, I needed a break ~ even if it was a short time-out.

I was in Panama City Beach, Florida on family vacation over the weekend.  It wasn't my family, but hey ~ those are just details...  I'd never been to PCB before, and I hadn't seen my friend in almost 2 years.  So, when Mr. Wright asked me to join him on family vacation, I said YES.

I met Mr. Wright years ago when I lived in Atlanta.  He and I built a friendship through the years (i.e.  met in 2002).  As soon as I saw him, I had a crush.  He's handsome, it was inevitable.  I shared an apartment with a coworker and whether I'd be out with her or out with friends, it just seemed like every weekend, he was always there.

We wouldn't really go out much, but we always had fun.  My first trip to Turner Field was on Easter, when he took me to a Braves game.  Mr. Wright loves baseball but hates professional basketball.  Yes, even Mr. Wright is not perfect,  LOL.  We've seen Prince at Philips Arena.  Remember Music Midtown in Atlanta?  We were there for its final year in 2005.  He wanted to see Common, and I wanted to see Kanye (i.e. sure enough they came out on stage together).

We went to Las Vegas to bet the Super Bowl.  He had the New England Patriots, and I won on the New York Giants +12.5.  He might be Mr. Wright, but I was Ms. Right, that Sunday!  Vegas again for his 30th birthday.  Why?!?  Because, that's what you do for the people that matter in your life.  You spend time and you take care of your friends and even though miles separate, you find ways to keep in touch.

My friend takes care of himself (i.e. eats right and exercises) so he looks great.  His personality equals his appearance.  His friends refer to him as a "Manther".  When I first heard it I couldn't help but laugh.  If you don't know what it is, look it up.  I don't know whether I agree or not, but I will tell you that he's not old.

Manther coming out of the water

I can't spend a couple of days with all the people I want to in my life, but I am definitely happy I was able to a time out and focus on the waves of the ocean, hang in a pool, have dinner, and walk the beach while looking for ghost crabs with my friend, Mr. Wright.

I didn't see any tar balls or sign of oil along the beach,, but we did see a smaller shark that had two bites taken out of it.  I assume it was by a bigger shark.  Ever have your friend scare the hell out of you on a beach by acting like a shark or crab was going to get you?  No?  I have.  I jumped out of fear and he cracked up laughing.  Awesome.  But anyway...

Don't know what a ghost crab is?  Neither did I, but they're a bunch of them in the shallow water on PCB at night.  Kids are out there with nets and buckets trying to catch them.  If you've never seen one, check out this video.  ****  No, I did NOT shoot this video.  I just found it on youtube.


"There are times.. when you'll need someone..
I will be by your side..
There is a light, that shines,
special for you, and me.."
--- "The Light" by Common

Thanks for making me take a much needed time out, Mr. Wright.  See you next time!



  1. definately deserved a vacation Wirksy but good to have you and your Blog back ;-)