Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baseball teams left to see at home (and friends in those cities)

I had some time and made a list of baseball teams, that I still need to see play at home.  I also added the names of people who live in (i.e or are from) the same cities, because it's only fair that I give my friends a head's up that I'm coming out there (i.e. ONE of these days)... 

Yes, I've seen the Reds play at home ~ but they have a new stadium now, so Riverfront really doesn't count anymore.

See you all eventually!

  1. Astros = Tyler, Chubs, Jennifer, and Jeff
  2. Athletics = Scott, Marc
  3. Brewers
  4. Cardinals = Traci
  5. Mariners = Scott
  6. Marlins = my brother
  7. Pirates = Cathy
  8. Rangers = Chubs, Chris, Ashley
  9. Rays = Trey
  10. Reds = way too many people
  11. Rockies
  12. Royals = Becky, Heather
  13. White Sox = Pork
This list looks very doable.  Who wants to go to a baseball game?!?! 



  1. Yup...the lady & I go to as many games as we can. Just hit me up when you make it down this way. Hopefully, we'll still be in contention for the division title.