Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Coach K is not going to the NBA ~ ABC News Nightline clip

For those that continue to think that Coach K is going to leave the Duke Blue Devils and head to the NBA, please check out this clip from tonight's interview that ran on ABC News Nightline.

Coach K is not going to the NBA

For a more extensive look at the interview, check out the official link of John Berman's interview: For Duke's Coach K, Basketball Is a Family Affair

Duke fans rejoice.  The rest of you, please give it up.  The man is staying!  As someone who's been fortunate to go to several games at Cameron Indoor, I'm beyond thrilled.

Coach K, leading this Blue Devils team to a 2005 ACC Championship

Oh and here's one for you.  Guess who helped me get my brother and I tickets to my first Duke game at Cameron Indoor (i.e. even though my brother was a Duke University student at the time)...  Yep, it was Danny Ferry.  Talk about irony!  :)


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