Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Office Olympics - When Management is away, Employees will play to WIN

I'm watching Sports Nation and they're talking about cubicle races!  I remember someone in the office (i.e. where I used to work) doing an event.  I wish I still had his video.  I remember when he finished the route, one of our co-workers remarked that the hurdler looked "like a gazelle".

If you have no idea what I'm talking about you need to check out the following quicktime movie:

The parent website for this movie clip lists more Office Olympics events, so if you're curious check it out. 

I also remember a making a pyramid with other co-workers in a team building exercise.  Do you know how uncomfortable it is to tell someone that they're too big and have to be on "bottom" of the pyramid?!?!  No?  Um, OK.  Well, neither do I then... 

Doing my part to keep you in the know.

Oh, and here's a fun clip I found on youtube, from the TV show, The Office, where Jim introduces the game  "Slap Face".  Enjoy!

**** By no means, am I promoting this activity or taking any responsibility if you crack your head open, otherwise hurt yourself, or get fired.


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