Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chris Bosh ~ Not an addition, but a centerpiece... Agree?

I heard about his quote a week or so ago, but just found the video now.  To paraphrase, Bosh doesn't think of himself as an addition ~ he thinks of himself as a centerpiece.  Um, ok...

Earlier this morning I saw Chris Bosh's name on the crawl and I instinctively groaned.  I realize Bosh is/was a talent and the "Man" for Toronto Raptors...  However, with so many NBA big names becoming free agents, I find myself challenged to get excited over Bosh.  ****  Incidentally, Paul Pierce is joining in the free agent fun now...

Am I the only one who's over Bosh?  I think it's great to have high self-esteem, but why is it that (i.e. to me) he's the one who seems to be talking the most?

Video below.


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