Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MLB All-Star Mickey Mouse statue locations revealed ~ Begin the scavenger hunt!

The city of Anaheim published a list of where the Mickey Mouse statues will be for to commemorate the 2010 MLB All-Star festivities.  The information can be found here:

In addition, according to the information in the post: MLB and Disney Consumer Products will launch on June 11th a Find Mickey Scavenger Hunt, which rewards people for visiting the different statue locations and being the first to find and tweet a photo with the life sized MLB Mickey Mouse statues. Also, the first person to take a photo in front of all 36 statues and tweet a link to their photo gallery will win the grand prize of two tickets to the MLB All-Star Game on July 13th in Anaheim. There will be thirty-six winners in total plus one grand prize winner. For a complete list of rules, hash-tags and instructions on how to participate, see, and for updates on the scavenger hunt, follow @AllStarGame and @DisneyLiving on Twitter.

Game ON...

For video, check out the following link:



  1. Definitely a great way to explore California...Tips on finding all 36 statues: Wear comfy shoes, Sun block...cannot say how important this is, and lastly, have FUN! You can check out my snapshots of the statues taken in 23 hours on my photo gallery:

  2. that's AWESOME! any advice with regard to route? i'd love to get his done quickly and efficiently since i'll be traveling from the east different coast :)