Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beasley's last shot seals the Timberwolves' win over the Los Angeles Clippers

I wanted a good game tonight between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Minnesota Timberwolves and both teams delivered.  The Clippers were in Minneapolis tonight, and I decided to head to the Target Center to see what the hype is about for Michael Beasley, Kevin Love, and Blake Griffin.  Granted this wasn't the marquee game of the night (i.e. the Suns were visiting the Heat), but I'm very pleased at what I saw.  Plus, if I had stayed in and watched Bosh light it up for 35 points tonight, I might have pulled my own hair out.  Enough about that.

Vinny Del Negro's Clippers went into the game with a record of 1-10.  WOW.  With that young talent, their record is 1-10.  Now, their record is 1-11 after dropping seven games in a row.  ****  I noticed Marc Iavaroni on the bench as an assistant coach...  I wonder what the Clippers' record needs to be, before Marc takes over head coaching responsibilities?  I like Marc.  I remember him from his days in Cleveland.  He's a good guy.  Just saying.

I presume, Vinny is begging Blake to play well to ensure his own job security

OK.  Clippers and Timberwolves...  The game was pretty even throughout.  Minnesota won on its last possession with Michael Beasley scoring his final 2 for a total of 33 points.  Kevin Love was big again in this game with 24 points and 14 boards.  The Clippers' 1-2 punch of Eric Gordon and rookie, Blake Griffin, produced the most offense for the team (i.e. Gordon scored 30, and Griffin had 26).   Griffin might have scored more but he was facing some tough Timberwolves defense.

Griffin getting clobbered by the Timberwolves' defense
I wanted to yell, "Baby Fish Mouth" ~ Do you know the movie reference?

Minnesota's front court of Beasley and Love boxing out Griffin

The game was decided with Beasley's final shot to put the Timberwolves up, 113-111.  Below is a picture of the final, game winning shot.  ****  Sometimes you just have to have your camera ready, when you know something special is going to happen.  Timing is EVERYTHING.

Beasley's final shot that put the Timberwolves up by 2

The Clippers got the ball back with 2.3 seconds to left in the game, but couldn't convert on their last possession. **** If I remember correctly, they went for 3 and missed.

I'm very happy I went out and didn't waste my time on the Phoenix Suns v Miami Heat game.  I'm also excited for the future of the Timberwolves...  I'll definitely be back at the Target Center soon.


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