Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Dallas World Aquarium ~ Easy like Sunday afternoon

I went to the Dallas World Aquarium over the weekend.  For someone like me, who absolutely loves aquariums and fish, this was a great idea.  Armed with our cameras, Rami and I were ready to take on the venue and see what shots we could capture.

If you've never been to the aquarium, I recommend you check it out.  If you have a sweet tooth, you should indulge and try the little cafe.  We indulged in the banana and pineapple fritters with coconut ice cream, and the dessert was fantastic.  

Ok, back to the aquarium and the animals...  Here are a few of my favorite shots.


Doesn't it look like it has a face? 

He has great ideas...

I've been to a bunch of aquariums and although the Dallas one isn't the largest one I've seen or the most comprehensive, I still found it fun to visit.  I especially enjoyed the "predator tunnel" where you can stand and the sharks and turtles swim around and over you.

I did a quick search to find the top aquariums in the country, and this is the list that I found:
1. Discovery Cove - Part of Seaworld in Orlando
2. Sea World - California , Florida, Texas
3. Georgia Aquarium - Atlanta <-- been there
4. Living Seas - Epcot, Orlando <-- been there
5. National Aquarium - Baltimore <-- been there
6. Monterey Bay Aquarium - California
7. John G Shedd Aquarium - Chicago <-- been there
8. New England Aquarium - Boston
9. Tennessee Aquarium - Chattanooga <-- been there
10. Aquarium of the Pacific - Long Beach, CA
10. The Texas State Aquarium - Corpus Christi.
10. Ripley's Aquarium - Myrtle Beach
****  Who knows why there are 3 #10s.  It's not my list. 

A visit to the Dallas World Aquarium was a great idea for a Sunday afternoon!


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