Friday, November 12, 2010

Dallas bound ~ Margarito v Pacquiao fight tomorrow!

I'm going to Dallas to see friends and family AND for the Antonio Margarito v Manny Pacquiao fight!!!  I cannot wait...  It's going to be a great time at the new Cowboys Stadium :-P

I'm watching the HBO 24/7 Pacquiao-Margarito episodes now, since they're being replayed in preparation for the fight tomorrow.  Speaking of preparation, it's time to charge my camera batteries... 

Lastly, yes, it's also time to channel my "Filipina" side...  Go Manny!!!

It's too bad Kelly Pavlik isn't fighting on the undercard.  It would've been good to see the Youngstown, Ohio native battle live.

This will be my first boxing event.  I might even have a Tecate, for the first time.  The possibilities are endless.  One thing's for sure, the pictures are going to be RIDICULOUS.  I can feel it...

For those of you wondering where you can watch the fight, I recommend (i.e. if you're in the Dallas area) that you ante up and hit Ticketmaster.  Great seats are still available.

Ok, lastly, what to wear?  Maybe I'll wear my SF Giants hat.  What?!?!  Too soon?!?!  Haha, OK.  Maybe I'll wear my new Texas Rangers hat.  Guess, we'll have to wait and see...

Mama Said Knock You Out ~ LL Cool J


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