Friday, November 12, 2010

Quick poll: Margarito's size v Pacquiao's speed? Who do you have?

I've got the Antonio Margarito v Manny Pacquiao fight on the brain.  The fight is tomorrow, Saturday, November 13 at the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium.  ****I'm also 2 seconds away from a plane ticket, but that's neither here nor there for this blog post.   I have a question after watching a couple of the HBO 24/7 Pacquiao-Margarito episodes (i.e. actually, it might have been the same one twice ~ but who really cares).

Vegas had Pacquiao as a 6-1 favorite, but I think the line moved to 5-1.

Question: Who do you have winning the fight?  Antonio Margarito or Manny Pacquiao? 



  1. I like Pac to break him down with speed initially, and as the fight moves towards the later rounds I think he will stop the Tijuana Tornado. I do think the first 2-3 rounds will be very exciting and the Pac Man fans are going to be very nervous.

  2. i want paquaio to win, but watching that hbo show last night really made me notice margarito's size... that has me a lil concerned...

  3. I don't think it's going to be as close. Pacman has beating bigger opponents before. I'm slightly concerned about his focus but I think once he's in the ring instincts will take over. Pacman in 7.

  4. well, a lot of people have been talking about all the distractions for pacquiao, but i think it just might be to build up the hype around the fight... i need to see what they both looked like at the weigh in today.