Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Is Erin Barry the other woman receiving Tony Parker's texts? According to Twitter, "YES"

Tis the NBA Season and I guess the time of year to re-evaluate your relationships and go through a divorce.  According to Bryan Armen Graham's tweet (twitter id: BryanAGraham) it looks as though Erin Barry (i.e. Brent Barry's wife) is the "other woman".  Brent Barry and Tony Parker are former San Antonio Spurs teammates.  Moreover, it looks as though the Barry's might also be going through a divorce as well.  ****  After denying the divorce rumors yesterday, People is reporting that Eva Longoria filed for divorce in California, after seeing numerous text messages between Tony and a "mutual friend".
Well, like it looks like NBA divorces are like celebrity deaths...  They come in 3s... 

Don't even get me started on the alleged former teammate "switcheroo"...  I don't have the strength right now to deal with the irony.  ****  Oh, and in my opinion, Brent Barry is much hotter than Tony Parker, so if I have to call "dibbs" now, I'm picking Brent.

From what I've read, Tony and Eva had a pre-nup...  I wonder if Eva negotiated and had a fidelity clause put in.  It would've been the smart thing to do...  Just saying (i.e. wink, wink).  ****  For the record, in case anyone's curious, I don't sign prenups.  Never have and never will.  If you think that we're going to divorce, don't propose to me.

Like I said, NBA WAGS, hold onto your men...



  1. I immediately came to your blog when I saw the headlines start posting about the split and I KNEW you would have the scoop on the other woman! That is why I love THEWIRK.COM!

  2. Team Brent (this is Kathy too lazy to get a profile)!

  3. kanak - thanks! i try to be quick, but i need to be "sure" before i pull the trigger and post... i can't (i.e. don't want to) post everything i "hear/know" about everyone in the blog... i had to do the follow up though, bc it's def been a strange couple of days with that story!

    kathy - agree 100%