Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Week 9 winner of a NFL Survival Pool ~ 10 correct picks against the spread

Last night the Pittsburgh Steelers played the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium for the Monday Night Football game.  Now, before you start thinking I'm really flighty ~ 1) Yes, I work and 2) No, I didn't go to the game. 

****The picture I'm using in this post is from the New England Patriots v Cincinnati Bengals game in 2007.  I actually took my mom to that game.  It was her first football game ever and the picture was taken from our seats. 

Now, back to the story...  Guess who won the NFL survival pool this week?  THIS GIRL...

I was just on the phone with my friend, Cyrus, and he was yapping about the Cleveland Browns.  He was telling me that the team is looking solid and that he thinks that they might beat the New York Jets this week.  Huh?  I wasn't really paying attention to what he had to say, but the past few weeks do seem to indicate that the Browns are getting their act together.  While Cyrus was going on and on about the Browns, I decided to check my personal email account.

As I was scanning my email account and getting ready to perform a mass delete, I realized that I had a nice little payment sent to me.  Not bad for about 5 minutes of effort.  Turns out that I correctly picked 10 games against the spread (ATS).  The only ones I missed were the New England Patriots v the Cleveland Browns and the New York Jets v the Detroit Lions.  Chicago Bears v the Buffalo Bills was a push.

10 games...  Not too bad at all, since I've haven't really been paying attention to football since I've been traveling.

I didn't get the chance to tell Cyrus my good news, but it doesn't matter and I really doubt he cares.  ****  I have known Cyrus since college.  His best friend was my college boyfriend.  I hear from him few and far between, but he'll check in on Facebook.  The only time he calls is when he's commuting home and bored in the car, but I digress...  

Incidentally, I just checked my other pool (i.e. where I'm fighting for the wildcard), and I came in 2nd place last week.  Hmmm...  Looks like I may have found my mojo again...  Woohoo!!!  :-P

In case you'd forgotten, I'm a WINNER. 


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