Friday, November 12, 2010

My 2 cents: Jenn Sterger meets with the NFL, a slippery slope

Wait a second. Jenn Sterger "gets" to meet with the NFL because she allegedly received inappropriate texts from Brett Favre?  Seriously...  Is this really the path, example, and precedent that the NFL wants to take for their player personal conduct policy?  Does the NFL really have that much time on its hands? 

I'm not one for policing NFL players or trying to monitor any professional athlete's behavior (i.e. if its not criminal) for that matter.  I have bigger fish to fry.  As far as I'm concerned whether or not Favre sent the text messages or left the voicemails is none of my concern.  It's the National Football League, not the National Fidelity League.

Personally, I don't want anyone looking through my phone records, and no one will ever see the texts or hear the voicemails I receive.  Further, from what I understand, if Sterger didn't provide any additional information, the NFL was ready to shelve the case.  Come on...  Am I the only one wondering why all of a sudden, she took a meeting?

Regardless, the last thing anyone needs is a bunch of women parading into the NFL offices with their mobile phones in hand "trying to get" or "waiting for" a meeting.  What's next?  I can see it now..  Before the playoffs or some big game, is some star athlete's former object of attention or affection going to produce cards, texts, and/or voicemails because she was jilted and wants to sabotage him and ultimately a team or fans' dreams?  Sure it sounds absurd, but who knows what can happen if we go down this slippery slope.

When will people learn that it's not smart to take a dirty picture and sext?  Now we're actually singing about it...  Here's "Dirty Picture" by Taio Cruz featuring Ke$ha.  Enjoy.


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