Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Millsap drops 46 and the Jazz defeat the Heat in OT

Do you see #24 in the picture to the left? That's Paul Millsap.  ****  I snapped the picture in April 2009, when the Utah Jazz were playing the Los Angeles Lakers at the Staples Center.

Does Millsap look lethal to you? Me neither, but today he was on fire against the Miami Heat. I logged into my Twitter account and noticed that Paul Millsap dropped a career-high 46 points tonight.

The Utah Jazz defeated the Miami Heat (i.e. in Miami) in overtime. The final score was 116-114. Hmmmm, I didn't watch the game but I can only assume that Chris Bosh couldn't play any defense... Well, it looks like this girl is going to sleep happy after all.

For kicks, you should log into Twitter if you have an account and search "Chris Bosh sucks".  I did it and have been laughing my cares away...

If Bosh couldn't handle Millsap, what would he have done if Carlos Boozer was healthy and played?

Boozer with 2 good hands, in April 2009, against the Lakers

I was asked earlier today how many losses the Miami Heat would have this season.  I said at least 30.  Looks like there are at least 27 more to go...



  1. I hope the Miami Heat lose every night.

  2. i'm conflicted... i love pat riley and think spoelstra is a cutie. i would love to see ilgauskas get a ring. BUT, i'm not down with how the team was constructed and the way lebron left cleveland... soooooooooo...