Monday, November 22, 2010

NFL Sunday Funday and some Temple of the Dog

As of now, I have 10 points for the week in my against the spread (ATS) pool...  I don't think it'll be enough for first place.  If you're not first, it doesn't matter where you fall in the line-up so, "oh well".

I went out for Sunday Funday and met about 10 of my favorites out to watch the New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles game.  I'm pretty sure the Eagles won, since my friend (i.e. who was giving me a ride home) wanted to leave before the game ended.

Good times with great friends and as usual, when more people showed up they texted other friends and our group grew.

For you music fans out there, here's a funny exchange... 
Jeff to Amy: Did you get my email about "Temple of the Dog"?
Me (interjecting): Did you send it in 1993?

Who knew Temple of the Dog was touring again?  Not this girl...  Anyway, here's "Hunger Strike" for your listening pleasure.  Yes, I pulled it off of Youtube, just for you.

I'd show you a Indianapolis Colts' highlight (i.e. since it's my favorite team) or a Giants' highlight (i.e. since I watched the game), but let's face it...  Both teams lost, so it doesn't matter.  This Sunday was not a good day for the Mannings (i.e. Eli and Peyton), since both brothers had 3 interceptions. 

There's always "next" week.


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