Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My favorite pictures from a visit to the Fort Worth Zoo

Here are a few of my favorite shots at the Fort Worth Zoo on Monday.  I enjoyed the day with Rami, who's a very serious photography hobbyist.  I'm very curious to see how his pictures turned out.  These are mine.  Enjoy!

Gorilla admiring the waterfall

Warthog devouring a cantaloupe

The King of the Jungle

On its hind legs grazing

Beautiful blue colors

The least modest kangaroo is on the left

Check it out!


So tall, look how it has to spread its legs to bend

The giraffe's reflection was too cool not to shoot
Elephants are so cute and playful

Can you see the baby bonobo, Layla, that was born on April 12?

For those of you that are wondering where the sports tie-in exists, I have to remind you that the this blog also covers my thoughts on music and travel.  If you absolutely need a sports angle, think of the law of the jungle and natural selection.  Create an analogy such that the Lakers, Yankees, or whomever are the Lions and the lazy kangaroo is an athlete that rests on his laurels since he's already on stage...  Whatever makes you happy, makes me happy.  Oh, and in case you were wondering...  I'm happy :-P

I forgot to mention that at the zoo, Rami and I both got hit with bird poo...  Awesome, right?  Hahaha.  They say it's good luck, but honestly - what are they supposed to say?


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